The RHEONAUT module features an infrared transmitting element with high refractive index as the optical sensor. It has an excellent inertness to chemistry and abrasion. Compared to standard infrared transmission spectroscopy or specular reflection spectroscopy techniques, the sample thickness can be adjusted to the rheological needs and is independent from the infrared spectroscopy requirements. Accordingly, any plate/plate geometry as well as cone/plate geometry can be used for all the testing methods offered by the HAAKE MARS rheometer.

Technologies used are protected by the following patents:
DE 10140711, DE 50214753, EP 1423676, US 6988393, JP 4028484


About the Thermo HAAKE MARS Rheometer

The Thermo HAAKE MARS is one of the most modular high-end rheometer platforms in its class. The innovative HAAKE MARS system was designed for flexibility and meets the most demanding requirements in research and development with an architecture that permits integration of custom modules. The concept is designed to meet today's and future rheology needs while protecting prior accessory investments. A variety of specialized and application-oriented measuring cells are available, e.g. for food, construction materials or UV-curing materials. Thus the name “MARS” reflects more than ever the philosophy of the product: Modular Advanced Rheometer System.